Direct Marketing Seminar by DMA

by Ahmet Kirtok on June 15, 2005

Direct Marketing SeminarDirect Marketing Association DMA is offering a 2 day Direct Marketing Seminar.

Announcement about the Direct Marketing Seminar from DMA’s website:

Virtually every company promotes through the mail. Some use it well, some not so well. But few use it as much or as profitable as they could. The DMA Basics of Direct Marketing seminar will give you the insight, background research, techniques, and ideas to put you on the road to bigger sales and profits.

And now, The Direct Marketing Association is bringing the seminar to your area to save you time and expense of traveling to a distant city. In this 2-day version of the popular national DMA seminar, The Direct Marketing Institute, you’ll devote only the actual classroom time to attending, and have the opportunity to meet others in your local area.

Basics of Direct Marketing is a 2-day seminar. If your travel budget and time is limited, the 2-day seminar will give you a strong grounding in the essentials of direct marketing.

Benefits of Attending to the Direct Marketing Seminar :

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages marketing media — direct mail, Internet, telemarketing, magazines, and newspapers
  • Uncover how font and layout impact comprehension to improve response
  • Learn how to choose the best lists to target your audience
  • Discover how to optimize your direct marketing efforts in today’s challenging economy

Schedule for DMA’s Direct Marketing Seminar:

Direct Marketing Seminar Schedule

Registration Fees for the Direct Marketing Seminar
DMA members will pay $999 and non-members will pay $1,199 for registration. You may join DMA here.

More Information
For more information about the 2 day Direct Marketing Seminar, please visit DMA’s announcement page.

You may also prefer to attend the 3 day Direct Marketing Institue. Visit DMA’s announcement page for more information.

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